MaryLouMaryLou has been helping her clients improve the quality of their lives for 20 years. As an INTRApersonal communication expert, she specializes in helping people understand who they are, how they develop habits and gain insight in personal growth.  Her expertise in Holistic Life Coaching with her knowledge in bodywork, energy and shamanic healing and nutrition offers a complete health care experience. She is highly trained in all your holistic needs and  practices and believes in personal and individual programs that heal on a soul level.

MaryLou has a Holistic Health Degree among several certifications in nutrition, life coaching, aromatherapy, massage, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

MaryLou is a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher and is a shamanic counselor.

MaryLou studied Psychology at California State University, Long Beach and spiritual psychology at a local theological institute. She is an ordained minister and is a published author of the book, Soulful Freedom.


MaryLou Art

She is continuing her education, completing her doctorate degree in Holistic Life Coaching.

Her goals are to educate the basics of life balance through intra-personal spiritual/self-development through her Self Discovery courses. Her mission is to bring back the simplicity of health through natural means of nutrition and healing the soul by focusing on the emotional toxicities and bringing back the parts of the soul  that has been lost for various reasons.  Her passion in life is helping people get back to the first step to healing, which is to love yourself unconditionally.

Once you understand that, you will begin to live.



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